Photo Kiosk


Photo Kiosk Design

Client: Megalux Photo Booth

Category: UI/UX Design

Date: June 2018

The Photo Kiosk is one of the many devices used by Megalux Photo Booth to take pictures of guests. Its


  • To create a custom and attractive approach to taking photos


  • Creating the design locally and having the item built overseas can be costly if measurements are off
  • Thinking ahead about potential design problems and remedies

My Role

I led the Product Design of the ASA until my departure. I collaborated with a Product Manager, copywriters and graphic designers to research, scope, plan and execute.

Building the Project Vision
Design Execution and validation

First touch

Lets back up and start at the beginning. What is being designed is a photo kiosk to be used by the Megalux Photo Booth company. At an event, guests will stand in front of the kiosk, the photo booth attendant would touch the screen to start the photo booth session. During the session the guests will be able to see themselves in the screen live while the camera is taking their picture. There are hundreds of kiosk types out there that can do the same thing. This one is popular and different because of the unique design.

Version 1

The very first version was a great success but there were many things that needed to be improved before the next version. I designed a new version where the overall kiosk was shorter, thus making it lighter. I also added a larger hole for a DSLR camera instead of a webcam.

Version 2

More ideas and more improvements after version 1. Instead of having the front panel made of glass, the decision is made to have it made of acrylic which made the kiosk 10lbs lighter.

Version 3

After analyzing the design even more, I changed the hole on the front to more of an oval, this would give the camera room to tilt up and down.

Product Results

Things Learned

When designing products that will be used in the field it is important to take account every aspect of the item as well as who and how it will be used. After designing and building something so unique it gave me more confidence to design and build more kiosks.