REI Blackbook

Michael C Barber III Megalux Profit Drive Display 900px

Profit Drive App

Client: REI Blackbook

Category: UX Design

Date: Dec 2020

Profit Drive is an app that allowed its users to quickly grow their direct mail database while simply driving neighborhoods. The great thing about this app, was its ability to take a picture of a home, download information of the owners and schedule a direct mail campaign that could entice the owner to sell their home. This app was acquired by REI Blackbook but needed much work making it more user friendly.


  • Improve overall ease of use to foster more engagement
  • Make it quicker for new users to start sending direct mail
  • Onboard users with step by step process gathering required info


  • Determining the minimum required information needed for direct mail campaigns.
  • Capturing that required information in the least amount of steps as possible

My Role

I led the Product Design of the ASA until my departure. I collaborated with a Product Manager, copywriters and graphic designers to research, scope, plan and execute.

  1. Building the Project Vision
  2. Design Execution and validation

First touch

Onboarding: An understanding about what we actually did.

Things Learned

This was a fun project to work on. I enjoyed creating an easy path to success for the user. I learned that many of the things we wanted from the user in the beginning were not required to do the basic job of the app. It was up to us to create additional incentives for the user to go in and fill out the rest of the information on their own.