Yellow Pages

Michael C Barber III YP ASA 2 900px

Advance Sales Application

Client: Yellow Pages

Category: UI Design

Date: November 2012

The ASA (Advance Sales Application) was created as a cutting edge marketing tool for YP B2B Salesmen to use in presentations selling advertising. This application replaced thick folders of marketing material that were too cumbersome, too hard to read and didn’t keep the clients attention. Yellow pages salesmen nationwide was issued iPads as their new tool to communicate services to the potential customers or clients.


  • Condense heavily handed dense copy into a simplified digital iPad view
  • Simple to navigate interface to allow agent to quickly jump to different sections of application


  • Condensing a large corporate sales presentation packet requires a cooperative team of various departments involving Marketing, Legal, and IT.
  • Multiple rounds of version testing for bugs as well as copy writing errors before uploaded to app store.

My Role

I led the Product Design of the ASA until my departure. I collaborated with a Product Manager, copywriters and graphic designers to research, scope, plan and execute.

  1. Building the Project Vision
  2. Design Execution and validation

First touch

Onboarding: An understanding about what we actually did.

As seen below, we took 100+ page stacks that salesmen would use in their pitch and simplified them and focused on key points.

Site Architecture

In collaboration with the content team and legal we were able to condense their packets to the recommended topics and chapters. We mapped out the entire app and its pages within the presentation.

User Gestures

Although we have a menu built into the app, we also incorporated a system that uses a few gestures to help the salesman navigate through his presentation. Swiping  with 2 fingers to the left or right will allow him to skip back and forth to the top level categories. Swiping with 1 finger will allow him to go forward or backward to the next page.


Things Learned

The ASA was a huge leap forward in technology and step in the right direction in bringing the sales reps into the future.